Dead Bird Inc.

Well we do have to admit the Dead Bird Crew has started as a little joke and might have gotten a liiiittle bit out of hand.

But don’t be mistaking, there’s plenty more to come!


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the story behind the name

Yes, that is a wild name!

But there’s more to it than just a fancy brand name. So let us tell you the story behind the name Dead Bird, the idea and the philosophy that comes along with it.

It all started many years ago on a surf trip looking for empty waves and undiscovered breaks. We were lucky enough to find one of these rare treasures and stayed for a long time. The only company we had at this lonely place were the washed up dead birds on the beach.

First we were making fun of the morbid situation and started calling ourselves the dead bird crew. After a while it got us thinking and we dove into the matter and did our research on the situation.

It turned out that due to a certain wind and swell constellation there was a huge microplastic concentration in that specific area. The birds cannot distinguish
between food and garbage so they eat plastic until their stomach is completely
full. Eventually the birds die of starvation. Of course there’s way more detail to this phenomenon but that’s for another day.​​

Unfortunately like every other surf trip there is an inevitable end to it. But two things stuck with us and led us to where we are now.

1. the name Dead Bird. Let’s be honest it just has an
indisputable ring to it. It kind of became a running gag and we named our small
group of skate friends the Dead Bird Crew. 

2. we started to think about what we as individuals could do to make the sport of surfing more sustainable. Well obviously a classic surfboard isn’t really an
eco-friendly product. Matter of fact it is more like a mix of toxic materials covered in synthetic resin. But how could we change that…​

As long time soft top surfboard enthusiast the answer was already right beneath our
feet. We always dreamed and joked about having our own foamy brand and suddenly
we had a serious motivation behind it.

A soft top board can be made without any synthetic resin. The different materials and layers are only glued together and can therefore be separated again. In our mind we already had it all figured out. Just use recyclable materials, glue it together, separate it again and
recycle it.

Oh were we wrong and naive…there was a lot more to it than we had ever anticipated.

But we made it! Our fully recyclable surfboards are out now!

Balance Pro

Our friendship startet way back as kids on an American
Football field. We also shared the same passion for any kind of board sports. Skating, Surfing, Snowboarding, you name it… We could never get enough. But basic balance boards on a roll
never came close to that feeling. So we started to experiment.
First time we placed our balance board on a ball was one of these memorable moments. We were looking at each other with a big smile and both said the same words..
This feels like real!

And yes it does…

Balance Boards