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only available in Switzerland

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Almost the gnarliest fish in the water

Let's keep it real. We could tell you that this board is just exactly how we wanted it. But it ain't... It is our 1st series that we have ever made. We were experimenting with the shape and the recyclable materials. Unfortunately we had to adjust both before we had our dreamer Drongo as it is right now. But this 1st series is in our warehouse just getting dust on it while being a completely fine and fun surfboard. We actually just surf this Drongo as the "real" one is always sold out and we keep those for our costumers. 

So what's the downer you may ask. 
Some boards, not all, could get air bubbles between the layers. This can easily be repaired with some hot glue. But due to that we can only offer you a limited warranty on this board.

The shape is slightly off but as long as you're not a pro surfer you won't feel a difference to the final Drongo version. Due to it's less volume up front it's actually even more suitable for river surfing then the final Drongo.

Besides that, it rides like the real one..

It feels like there is nothing under your feet. Cheeky snaps and carves like a classy twin fish. What else do you want?! Yes, of course some good amount of foam. With its 34 liters volume THE DRONGO is right on point.

5'4" x 21.3" x 3.1" 34 Liters


  • thruster fin set up
  • crocodile deck layer
  • double bamboo stringer
  • recycling fee included
  • leash plug


  • Surfboard
  • no fins included
  • no leash included
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