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Rebel Fins - FCS 1

Rebel Fins - FCS 1

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These fins are made from recycled fishing nets. Around 10 percent of the plastic waste in the oceans comes from the fishing industry and there are also large amounts of discarded nets and fishing gear on land too. This material is collected, cleaned and processed into raw materials for our fins, there feeding back into the production cycle. Good for the environment: less plastic waste, less CO2, less consumption of fossil raw materials. Good for you: you purchase very durable and sustainable fins. With the purchase of these fins you are making an active contribution to reducing plastic waste and CO2.

ᴑ Perfectly suitable for the sea

ᴑ Recommended surfing level: beginners to intermediate

ᴑ Produced with green electricity

ᴑ Closed Circle Production - all production leftovers are recycled

ᴑ Production completely in house - Made in Germany

ᴑ Packaging made of recycled cardboard


  • one set contains 3 Fins, FCS 1 system
  • size, medium
  • Recommended waves with power up to 2 meters.
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